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STORIES FROM THE HEART: Minnesota man learns importance of CPR training twice

Six months after strangers revived his stopped heart and surgeons unclogged several arteries in heart, Dan Wessel headed toward Christmas feeling great – so great that his wife asked him to dress up as Santa Claus for a program at the school where she teaches.

Dan loved it. Yet on […]

Saved by CPR, he’s now certified in it – and encourages others to learn, too

During a softball game at church camp, lightning struck from a cloudless sky, hitting Zach and leaving him motionless on the ground behind third base. His eyes had rolled back into his head, his nose was black and blue, and smoke was coming out of his mouth. He even […]

This teen loves showing what her heart can do

Perseverance is tough. Persevering with a good attitude is even tougher. That’s what makes Katherine Schroeder so remarkable.

Katherine is only 13, but has undergone 15 surgeries or other procedures on her heart, with more on the way. In March, she’s scheduled to have two heart valves replaced. She faces […]

‘Perky Penny’ encourages, inspires fellow stroke survivors

Penny Santoro loves using her story to encourage people to understand the warning signs of a stroke.

She’s even used storytelling as part of her recovery. Last winter, she wrote “The Reinvention of Perky Penny” a first-person story for the American Stroke Association’s Stroke Connection magazine. Her message: Never give […]

She ran a 5K and had cardiac arrest the same morning; now she’s an EMT

As an emergency medical technician and CPR trainer, Nancy Capelle helps save lives.

Not long ago, she was the one in need of emergency care.

A week after turning 40, and only hours after running a 5-kilometer race, Nancy went into cardiac arrest in her kitchen. An irregular heartbeat and a […]

Saving lives became easier thanks to this ‘CPR Giant’

Almost everyone has heard of CPR, the procedure that improves survival rates among those who go into cardiac arrest outside of a hospital.

But what most people don’t know is that bystanders perform CPR less than one-third of the time that it’s needed. Why? Research finds they fear they’ll do […]

Artist inspired by his own stroke recovery

Eugene Brown considers the artwork he’s created the last 13 years to be more intense and more creative than ever before.

What led to such a change? A stroke that limited the use of his right side, forcing the right-handed artist to start expressing himself through his left hand.

Eugene’s recovery […]

Smokers who quit cut heart disease risk faster than previous estimates

Cigarette smokers over age 65 may be able to lower their risk of cardiovascular disease-related deaths to the level of never-smokers when they quit faster than previously reported, according to research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2013.

A study showed that older people who smoked less than […]

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Coffee may help perk up your blood vessels

The caffeine in a cup of coffee might help your small blood vessels work better, according to research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2013.

A study of 27 healthy adults showed — for the first time — that drinking a cup of caffeinated coffee significantly improved blood […]

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Local campaign seeks unsweetened drink options

A new public awareness campaign in Maryland is encouraging soft drink makers such as The Coca-Cola Company to more heavily promote its healthier options instead of sugary beverages. The campaign is one of the latest efforts around the world to curb consumption of sugary drinks amid rising rates of diabetes […]

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