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Survey: Sugar is bad, but people can’t stop eating it


A lot of people feel guilty for eating too much sugar and want to stop. But they can’t stop eating it.

According to survey results released recently from a leading health site, nearly half of Americans feel guilty about eating too much sugar. Meanwhile, two out […]

Warning labels could impact kids’ sugary drink choices


Health-related warning labels could impact whether adolescents buy sugary drinks, according to a study released this week that looked at kids’ hypothetical choices after being exposed to the labels.

Published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, the online study included 2,202 demographically diverse children 12 […]

Kids and added sugars: How much is too much?


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Children and teens should consume less than 6 teaspoons of “added sugars” a day and drink no more than 8 ounces of sugary beverages a week, according to the American Heart Association’s first-ever scientific statement recommending specific sugar limits for kids.

Publishing in the […]

The too-sweet truth: FDA proposes daily value measures on added sugars


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration proposed Friday that a “percent daily value” for added sugars be part of nutrition labels on packaged foods providing consumers more information about how added sugar fits into their daily diets.

The information would be similar to what Americans have […]

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Beware of too many Halloween treats for children

It’s a trick-or-treat tradition: counting up all the pieces of sugary loot, paying the “parent tax” and negotiating trades.

Then there’s another dilemma. Just how many pieces do you get before the precious bag of candy is confiscated?

Is it better to restrict consumption to a few pieces or go whole […]

FDA reviewing public comment for proposed food label changes

The Food and Drug Administration is now reviewing thousands of public comments as it considers changes to Nutrition Facts labels that for the first time in two decades would alter the information consumers see on many packaged foods.

The proposed FDA changes were introduced in February and seek to update […]

Big changes in store for food labels

The Food and Drug Administration for the first time in two decades proposed sweeping changes to the nutrition labels on packaged foods at a White House announcement on Thursday.

The proposals would require food manufacturers to list added sugars, nutrition counts for more-realistic portion sizes and total nutrition information for multiple […]