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Para entender el riesgo de ataque cerebral en hispanos y negros en Estados Unidos, científicos estadounidenses investigan más allá de sus fronteras


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Las visitas a hospitales en Estados Unidos son difíciles para Yomi Ogun, M.D., un investigador de ataque cerebral de Nigeria.

Los hospitales siempre tienen acceso a medicina para disolver coágulos en el tratamiento de ataques cerebrales. En su país natal, es un producto escaso. […]

To understand stroke risk in Hispanic-Americans and African-Americans, researchers look beyond U.S. borders


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Traveling to hospitals in the United States is difficult for Yomi Ogun, M.D., a stroke researcher from Nigeria.

A clot-busting medicine to treat stroke is always in stock. In his native country, it’s a rare commodity. Ambulances in America can get patients to […]

“Saving Children’s Lives” pilot program making a difference in Africa

A new training program led by the American Heart Association is saving lives in Sub-Saharan Africa and may ultimately help prevent the needless deaths of many young children in developing nations around the globe through better training of health care workers.

The AHA’s “Saving Children’s Lives” pilot program, in collaboration […]

Simple Science @Heart: Hunter-gatherers in remote lands have heart-healthy lifestyles

In some remote locales, entire cultures of people eat only what they grow or kill. It turns out that these hunter-gathers generally have healthier hearts than people in modernized society, according to two new studies in the American Heart Association journal Hypertension.

One group of researchers studied the Tsimane people […]