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To understand stroke risk in Hispanic-Americans and African-Americans, researchers look beyond U.S. borders


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Traveling to hospitals in the United States is difficult for Yomi Ogun, M.D., a stroke researcher from Nigeria.

A clot-busting medicine to treat stroke is always in stock. In his native country, it’s a rare commodity. Ambulances in America can get patients to […]

Study author: Conventional CPR education efforts should intensify for children


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Education efforts to teach bystander CPR should intensify in minority communities, according to the lead author of a recent study that showed Hispanic and African-American children were less likely to get CPR with breaths, which had improved survival compared to compression-only CPR or […]

Report calls for further research of African-Americans and high blood pressure


The question of why African-Americans have disproportionate rates of high blood pressure continues to puzzle the medical community and requires further research, according to a new report.

The report, which was posted this week and will be published in the November issue of the American Heart […]

Basketball league helps African-American men control blood pressure


Russell Carter just wanted to shoot hoops with friends when he joined a men’s basketball league in the Austin, Texas, area. But soon he had a different goal.

“In the typical African-American community, the basketball court, barbershops and neighborhood lounges are places men convene for fellowship […]

STORIES FROM THE HEART: After 11 heart attacks – yes, 11 – former skater savors life


Toshawa Andrews fell in love with competitive ice skating as a child. In her mid-20s, her devotion kicked up a notch. She began competing, putting in several hours of training at least four days a week.

One day, she felt a burning sensation in her chest. […]

Tele-monitoring boosts patient satisfaction among low-income African Americans with heart failure


Low-income African-American heart failure patients who used an at-home monitoring system found it easy to use and many said it improved their medication compliance, according to research that was published Wednesday on the American Heart Association journal website Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality & Outcomes.
The research was originally scheduled […]

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Speedy heart transplant for kids better than waiting for perfect match

Children who receive a heart transplant as soon as a suitable donor is available are predicted to have better quality-adjusted survival — even if they have antibodies that may attack the new heart — than children who wait for a donor to which they do not have antibodies according […]

STORIES FROM THE HEART: Building a new life after congestive heart failure

The flu. That’s what Nicole Smith thought was bothering her. She figured she would visit the ER, get a prescription and head back to work.

Doctors found something else: congestive heart failure and an enlarged heart. Her cardiologist also mentioned she may need a heart transplant.

“How long will that take” […]

Blacks, women face greater burden from CVD risk factors

The impact of major cardiovascular risk factors combined is greater in women than men and in blacks than whites. While the gender gap may be narrowing, differences by race may be increasing, according to new research in the American Heart Association journal Circulation.

“We’ve been targeting traditional risk factors in […]

Dr. Willie Lawrence driven to make an impact on high blood pressure

 Dr. Willie E. Lawrence Jr. is surrounded every day by the potential impact of high blood pressure — the rampant suffering caused by heart disease and stroke.

But it’s not only because he is an interventional cardiologist in an underserved urban area of Kansas City; or because he mourns the […]