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New blood thinners require preparation to manage bleeding risk


As the popularity of a new generation of blood thinners surges, people taking them should be aware of bleeding risks, according to a recent statement from the American Heart Association.

There are occasions when the four newer anticoagulant drugs need attention, said Amish N. Raval, M.D. […]

Mountain bike racer learns the dangers of deep vein thrombosis


As an aspiring Olympian in his 20s and an amateur mountain bike racer in his 50s, Sam Osborne closely tracked his physical performance. But after a blood clot in his leg led to a life-threatening pulmonary embolism in August, he realized he had a lot […]

“Princesses: Long Island” reality TV star Ashlee White survives three strokes


By 2013, Ashlee White had become a minor celebrity as the tiny, high-heel wearing star of Princesses: Long Island, the Bravo reality TV series about single Jewish women that had the whole island abuzz.

Before the first season ended in August that year, White revealed to […]

Watching too much TV may increase risk of dying from blood clots


Spending too much time in front of the tube every day may increase your risk of dying from a blood clot in the lung, according to a Japanese study.

From 1988-90, researchers asked 86,024 people how many hours they spent watching TV. Over the next 19 […]

Lowering body temperature increases survival of some cardiac arrest patients


DALLAS — Lowering the body’s temperature of cardiac arrest patients with “non-shockable” heart rhythms increases survival rates and brain function, according to new research in the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation.

“Therapeutic hypothermia” is a medical treatment that intentionally lowers the body’s temperature to protect it […]

World Thrombosis Day: Understanding the often hidden risks, dangers of potentially deadly blood clots

Nearly three years after suffering a pulmonary embolism and six blood clots in her leg veins following routine knee surgery, Amy Fordham-Duff is still healing. But thanks to a small army of loving, supportive family, friends and health and wellness specialists, she’s winning her battle.

“I never could have imagined […]

Aspirin can reduce recurring blood clots in the veins

Aspirin may be a promising treatment for those who can’t take anti-clotting drugs long term to prevent blood clots in the veins, according to new research.

Known as venous thromboembolism, the clots are typically in the deep veins of the legs and can break off, travel to the lungs and block lung arteries, a […]

Locked-in syndrome leaves former athlete in complete muscle paralysis

For Patrick Stein, having even a simple conversation is a complicated and tedious process.

Patrick, who lives in Northfield, Illinois, has Locked-in syndrome, a debilitating condition caused by a massive stroke that left him mentally alert and aware, but with almost complete muscle paralysis.

He is able to move his eyes […]

Blood clot risk remains higher than normal for at least 12 weeks after women deliver babies

SAN DIEGO — Women’s blood clot risk remains elevated for at least 12 weeks after delivering a baby — twice as long as previously recognized, according to a large study presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2014.

The chance of a blood clot rises during pregnancy, when […]

Simple Science @Heart: Ozone alert – Polluted air may damage your heart

New research shows ground-level ozone can cause health problems linked to heart disease.

Ground-level ozone is formed when pollution from cars, industrial plants and consumer products react in sunlight.

People in the study were exposed to this pollution for two hours, resulting inflamed blood vessels, a potential lower ability to dissolve […]