American Heart Association

‘Silent strokes’ found accidentally need treatment, statement says


Brain scans for issues such as headaches, cognitive problems or dizziness have become more common in recent years. But in searching for a suspected condition, doctors are sometimes finding an unexpected one: silent strokes.

These strokes, which experts estimate affect 8 million to 11 million Americans […]

Education and feedback may help improve heart health among high-risk groups

Using a smart phone app for education and feedback about heart-healthy behavior may decrease the risk for heart and blood vessel disease among young black women, researchers said in a pilot feasibility study presented this week at American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2014.

“We need to raise awareness among women […]

Inflammation may be key to diabetes, heart disease link

Inflammation may be the reason high blood sugar levels damage blood vessels, raising the possibility that anti-inflammatory medications might someday be used to lower the risk of blood vessel disease in people with diabetes, according to a study presented at the American Heart Association’s High Blood Pressure Research Scientific […]

Documentary follows teen with rare aging disease and his family’s fight for a cure

Sam Berns is a 16-year-old Eagle Scout who plays in his high school band and umpires baseball games.

However, he appears many decades older that his classmates and friends, due to a rare disease called Progeria, which rapidly speeds aging and has an average lifespan of 13.

The documentary film “Life […]