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Study suggests even ‘light’ smoking can kill you


Smokers, even if they averaged less than one cigarette a day over their entire lifetime, were 64 percent more likely to die early than those who never smoked, according to research from the National Cancer Institute.

The risk jumped to 87 percent for those who averaged […]

Age at cancer diagnosis may affect risk of death from heart disease


The age at which people are diagnosed with cancer may help determine their risk of death from heart disease, according to a new study.

Heart disease has been known to be the leading cause of treatment-related, non-tumor deaths among survivors of childhood cancer, breast cancer and […]

Cancer deaths overtake heart disease in Hispanics, Asians


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Cancer has replaced heart disease as the No. 1 cause of death for Hispanics, Asians and Pacific Islanders, a recent federal report found. But it’s not because fewer are dying from heart disease. In fact, more are dying from both causes, and researchers […]

El cáncer provoca más muertes que la enfermedad del corazón entre hispanos y asiáticos


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Según un reciente informe federal, el cáncer ha reemplazado la enfermedad del corazón como la causa principal de mortalidad entre hispanos, asiáticos y personas oriundas de las islas del Pacífico. Pero no es porque menos de ellos mueren por enfermedad del corazón. De […]

CDC: U.S. deaths from heart disease, cancer on the rise


Heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in the United States. But after nearly three decades in decline, the number of deaths from heart disease has increased in recent years, a new federal report shows. Meanwhile, the number of cancer deaths have been […]

Healthcare workers’ radiation exposure may increase health problems


Healthcare professionals performing X-ray guided cardiovascular procedures may have a higher risk for health problems including orthopedic illness, cataracts, skin lesions and cancers, according to new research in the American Heart Association journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions.

The findings are based on an Italian survey of 466 […]

Stroke survivors may be at higher risk of having cancer

People who had a stroke may develop cancer at a higher rate than those who do not have a stroke, according to research presented at the American Stroke Association’s International Stroke Conference 2015.

“We already knew that cancer patients are at increased risk of stroke. But what happens when you […]

Understanding The State of Obesity in America

The Problem:

The State of Obesity: Better Policies for a Healthier America breaks down the numbers across the country, based on statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Latinos and African-Americans are disproportionately affected.

42 percent of Latino and 47.8 percent of African-American adults are obese compared with 32.6 […]

Too much TV may mean higher risk of early death

Adults who watch TV three hours or more daily may double their risk of premature death compared to those who watch less, according to a new study.

“Television viewing is a major sedentary behavior and there is an increasing trend toward all types of sedentary behaviors,” said Miguel Martinez-Gonzalez, M.D., […]

Complex heart imaging tests may raise children’s lifetime cancer risk

Radiation from standard X-rays doesn’t significantly raise lifetime cancer risks for most children, but  it can for those who have complex heart disease and are exposed to large cumulative doses, according to research in the American Heart Association journal Circulation.

Researchers followed 337 children under age 6 who had heart surgery at Duke University […]

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