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Sitting too much may raise heart disease risk


The old adage “move it or lose it” doesn’t only apply to couch potatoes. Even people who exercise regularly could be at increased risk for heart disease and stroke if they spend lots of time sitting, according to a science advisory from the American Heart […]

Study: Heart risks vary by occupation


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Workers age 45 and older in sales, office-support or service occupations appear to have more risk factors for heart disease and stroke than workers in management or professional jobs.

Research presented at the American Heart Association’s Epidemiology/Lifestyle 2016 meeting on Tuesday said […]

Hot flashes at younger age may signal increased heart risk

Women who have hot flashes earlier in life may have less healthy blood vessels than those who develop the menopausal symptom later in life or not at all, according to two new studies.

Women and their doctors tend to think of hot flashes solely as a quality of life concern. […]

About 12.8 million more adults eligible for discussions with their physicians to determine if statins are appropriate treatment

About 12.8 million more adults would be eligible for statin drugs under new guidelines designed to help doctors prescribe the cholesterol-lowering therapies, which should lead to risk discussions with their physicians to determine if it is an appropriate treatment, say guideline writers and the American Heart Association.

The 12.8 million […]

African-Americans can receive individualized snapshot of cardiovascular risk

For the first time, African-Americans can receive an individually tailored snapshot of their cardiovascular risk, and both heart attack and stroke risk can be measured at the same time.

These achievements are thanks to new guidelines issued in November by the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology that give […]