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Uterine cancer survivor now fights against congestive heart failure


Aimee Rodriguez-Zepeda thought she’d overcome her greatest trial when she survived uterine cancer. Six years later, she learned she had a bigger test ahead when she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure.

A former Marine, Rodriguez-Zepeda thought her constant exhaustion was simply a byproduct of juggling […]

Alcohol abuse may predict congestive heart failure; even among younger adults


Alcohol abuse was associated with a 70 percent increased risk of congestive heart failure in adults and the link was especially strong among younger adults (60 years or younger) and those without high blood pressure, according to a study presented at the American Heart Association’s […]

Chemotherapy damage caused congestive heart failure for Chicago woman


Nearly a decade after she was declared cancer-free, Sara Campos got another life-threatening diagnosis: congestive heart failure.

The suburban Chicago woman initially wasn’t concerned when she felt ill following a big family dinner. Her stomach hurt and there was a burning sensation in her chest.

“We had […]

Heart failure numbers to increase by nearly 40 percent in next 15 years


The number of Americans diagnosed with heart failure is expected to increase by nearly 40 percent during the next 15 years and the costs of managing the illness will almost double, according to a new report from the American Heart Association released Tuesday.

Congestive heart failure […]

Heart failure stress test: Yes, there’s an app for that


An app that allows congestive heart failure patients to self-administer a walking stress test is just as effective as when the test is done in a clinic, according to new findings from a Health eHeart study

These results, from the first published study based on the […]

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STORIES FROM THE HEART: After surviving cardiac arrest, Butch Gibbs works to save others


With their years of experience working with medical emergencies, Butch and Susie Gibbs knew Butch was in grave danger the night he started having chest pains.

Susie took his blood pressure and found it was dangerously low. She called the hospital where she works as an […]

STORIES FROM THE HEART: Mother of 8 who collapsed in church warns others: ‘Heart disease doesn’t look like anything’

Cynthia Essex knew something wasn’t right that Sunday morning before church.

Getting out of bed was a struggle. Exhaustion persisted as she showered and got dressed. To top it off, Cynthia, who loves her assortment of shoes, didn’t care which pair she put on.

Cynthia pressed on, figuring she was just […]

Pregnant women with congenital heart disease may have low complication risks during delivery

Pregnant women with congenital heart disease had very low risks of arrhythmias (irregular heart beat) or other heart-related complications during labor and delivery, according to research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2014.

However, such women were more likely to undergo cesarean section and remain in the hospital […]

Secret to former VP Cheney’s success fighting heart disease? Being a good patient

Dick Cheney has been vice president of the United States and Secretary of Defense. He’s been a member of Congress and CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
He wouldn’t have been able to do any of it if not for another role in which he’s excelled: patient.

From the first indication […]

STORIES FROM THE HEART: Building a new life after congestive heart failure

The flu. That’s what Nicole Smith thought was bothering her. She figured she would visit the ER, get a prescription and head back to work.

Doctors found something else: congestive heart failure and an enlarged heart. Her cardiologist also mentioned she may need a heart transplant.

“How long will that take” […]