American Heart Association

FDA expands health claim for more fruits, vegetables


The Food and Drug Administration released an interim final rule removing the low fat and positive nutrient requirements which will apply to nearly all fresh fruits and vegetables, allowing them to make a heart health claim and be eligible for food certification programs like the American […]

Healthy oils now eligible for Heart-Check mark


The American Heart Association now is accepting some liquid vegetable oils for Heart-Check certification, a step the organization hopes will help consumers better understand the role of fats in a healthy diet.

Manufacturers of canola, olive, corn and corn-based vegetable oils can apply for the AHA’s […]

Choosing foods that meet Heart-Check certification requirements linked to better diet quality, study finds

People who report eating foods that meet the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Food Certification Program nutrition requirements are more likely to eat healthier and have fewer heart disease risk factors, according to a recent study.

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in March, evaluated survey data […]

Heart-Check mark foods must meet new nutrition requirements

This week was the deadline for food companies to meet more stringent criteria limiting added sugar, sodium, total calories and raising minimum dietary fiber requirements for foods bearing the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check mark. AHA formulates and periodically revises its own Heart-Check criteria for different food categories based on sound […]