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Infections, other factors raise risk of pregnancy-related stroke in women with preeclampsia


Urinary tract infections, chronic high blood pressure and bleeding or clotting disorders may increase the risk of pregnancy-associated stroke in women with preeclampsia, new data suggest.

In a study published in the American Heart Association journal Stroke, women with preeclampsia and pregnancy-related stroke were seven times […]

Pre-pregnancy heart abnormalities may predict recurrent preeclampsia risk


Women who had pregnancy-related high blood pressure multiple times had recognizable heart abnormalities between pregnancies that could help predict their risk for heart and blood vessel disease during subsequent pregnancies and even later in life, according to new research in Hypertension, an American Heart Association […]

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Preeclampsia doubles women’s stroke risk, quadruples later high blood pressure risk

Millions of women with a history of preeclampsia should be screened and treated for high blood pressure, obesity, smoking and high cholesterol to reduce their risk for stroke, according to the first-ever guidelines from the American Heart Association for preventing stroke in women.

Of the nearly 4 million women who […]

Test may predict severe high blood pressure during pregnancy

 A new test that checks the level of a placental protein could help doctors determine if a woman will develop a severe form of high blood pressure during pregnancy, according to a study in the American Heart Association journal Circulation.

 High blood pressure affects 6 percent to 8 percent of […]