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NCAA reminding trainers, coaches to use cardiac arrest checklist


Summer school classrooms are humming with activity on college campuses across the nation and soon, so will sports fields full of student athletes returning for training camps and practices.

But before they do, the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s top medical chief is reminding head athletic trainers […]

Incoming AHA president Houser still driven by dad’s death from heart disease


PHILADELPHIA – Once he relinquished his dream of playing in the NBA, Steven Houser began studying to become a doctor. He was in his second year of medical school at Temple University when he received an unusual call from his mom.

“You’ve got to come home,” […]

Summer health campaign begins


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A summer health campaign begins this week to help with diet, fitness, diabetes prevention and care, access to health care, healthy aging and women’s health.

Available through a digital tool, known as Univision’s Reto 28, the campaign is meant to encourage the Hispanic community […]

Race, sex differences in silent heart attacks


New research suggests black and white men may be more likely than women to have a silent heart attack — one that doesn’t trigger symptoms such as chest pain and cold sweats — but women may be more likely to die from a silent heart attack.

The […]

Surgeon General: Medical professionals must boost emphasis on prevention


ORLANDO, Florida — As a youngster in Miami, Vivek Murthy enjoyed hanging out at his dad’s primary-care practice. Being around those patients and learning their problems prompted an insightful diagnosis: So much of what brought them into the office was preventable.

These days, as Surgeon General […]

AHA funding new research network aimed at preventing heart disease, stroke

Four major institutions are banding together and leveraging the strength of basic, clinical and population research to prevent heart disease and stroke, the two leading causes of death in the world.

The Strategically Focused Prevention Research Network Centers — funded by a $15 million grant from the American Heart Association — […]

Guidelines set approach for adults with chronic kidney disease

Recent guidelines for managing cholesterol  in people with chronic kidney disease recommend that doctors decide which drugs to prescribe on the basis of patients’ overall risk of coronary events, not just on their low-density lipoprotein or “bad” cholesterol levels.

Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes released the guidelines in November and say […]

AHA, ACC reaffirm new cardiovascular prevention guidelines, risk calculator

One in three Americans will die from heart disease or stroke, and fully 60 percent will have a major vascular event before they die. Recognizing this burden on public health, the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology recently released four clinical practice prevention guidelines in the areas […]

Teamwork key to controlling blood pressure, advisory says

Doctors, other healthcare providers and hospitals need to collaborate on programs that help patients control high blood pressure, which is on the rise despite proven treatments being available, according to a new science advisory from the American Heart Association, American College of Cardiology and the Centers for Disease Control […]

Fluorescent particles might help predict heart disease

Here’s a warning for middle-aged women that might sound straight out of a science fiction novel: If a high level of fluorescent particles show up in your blood under a special light meter, then you may be more likely to develop heart disease in the future – and the […]

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