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Avocado recipe contest underway


What’s green and healthy and fresh all over?

If you like the answer — avocado — a contest pitting avocado aficionados against each other might be appealing.

The American Heart Association and Fresh Avocados – Love One Today are searching for easy, healthy and original avocado recipes […]

Expert tips for following your 2017 healthy-eating resolutions


It’s always good idea to take charge of your health, but there’s no time like the New Year.

To help you get started in 2017, several dietitians and health experts are offering up fresh approaches to keeping those resolutions.

“You’ve had time to think about who you want […]

New hub offers simple, heart-healthy recipes


Lea en español

Just in time for the holidays, the American Heart Association is offering an interactive, online collection of simple, heart-healthy recipes in English and Spanish.

There are more than 350 recipes and over 100 easy-to-follow videos on the hub.

The hub features nutritional information and as […]

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A toast to good health: Add whole grains and avocado


It’s time toast got an upgrade. Bring on the whole grains and avocado.

Step away from unhealthy butter and jams and look toward satisfying flavors and textures. A healthy dose of whole grains and fiber is delicious with the addition of a few healthy and trendy […]

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Healthier quiche: Worth waking up for


Don’t give in to the temptation of skipping breakfast. Quiche, a protein-packed savory tart, can easily be sliced into individual portions for those looking for a convenient breakfast to take to work.

Many people skip breakfast for a variety of reasons, according to Alisha Farris, Ph.D., […]

Butternut squash pasta takes advantage of fall produce

Fall is known as the harvest season for a reason. It’s the perfect time of year to take advantage of the cornucopia of fresh produce that is available.

Apples, kale, winter squashes and sweet potatoes are all at their best and ready to provide crisp fall flavors for a healthy […]

Make heart-healthy cooking a holiday tradition

The holidays don’t have to be filled with unhealthy foods.  You can create new traditions by preparing recipes from the American Heart Association’s Simple Cooking with Heart program.

Consider roasted turkey with butternut squash and asparagus, or one of the other simple, heart-healthy recipes offered. 

The best news?  You don’t need years of training […]

Exploring the Unfamiliar

The next time you tell someone that you’re on a low-sodium diet and they respond with something like, “that must be so flavorless,” I want you to ask the following questions in return: When’s the last time you made creamy dal? Or eaten matzoh brie? Or slow roasted pepper […]

Finding Flavor Beyond the Shaker

For the next three weeks, the American Heart Association challenges you to kick back on the salt. But that doesn’t mean three weeks of eating boring, bland food. Instead, it means you’re about to discover a whole world of flavor beyond the shaker. And experience a few AHA flavor […]

Take a Break and Celebrate Your Health

With a history of heart disease in my family, I know it’s important to take care of my heart – and to share what I know about heart health with those around me. That said, sometimes it’s easy to ignore with all the other things that need to be […]