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Surgeon General: Medical professionals must boost emphasis on prevention


ORLANDO, Florida — As a youngster in Miami, Vivek Murthy enjoyed hanging out at his dad’s primary-care practice. Being around those patients and learning their problems prompted an insightful diagnosis: So much of what brought them into the office was preventable.

These days, as Surgeon General […]

Plan dramatically reduces risks of heart disease, death, amputation in PAD patients


ORLANDO, Florida – A risk reduction plan dramatically reduced the risk of amputations, heart attack, stroke or death for people with peripheral artery disease, according to new research presented Monday at the 2015 American Heart Association Scientific Sessions.

PAD affects the legs the same way that […]

New era of Precision Medicine closer to reality


The end of Daylight Savings Time was a sleep disrupter. Body clocks had to adjust.

How’d it go for you? What happened to your sleep rhythms? Did you have other health ramifications?

Sensors and other technological advances can generate such raw data and a new era is […]

‘1 Team, 1 Vision’ — AHA, Google Life Sciences launch $50 million project


ORLANDO, Florida — While some incredible breakthroughs have come from the traditional way of fighting cardiovascular disease, it remains the No. 1 killer of Americans. So why not shake things up?

Google Life Sciences Chief Executive Andy Conrad suggested a radical new approach to American Heart […]

AHA president saw peripheral artery disease firsthand


Like many people of his generation, Nathaniel Creager spent the prime years of his life with a constant companion: cigarettes.

He fired through three packs of unfiltered Chesterfields daily for about 30 years. Later in life, after he’d finally quit, his legs hurt when he walked […]

Tiny fish hearts atrophy in space, study finds


Would fish do swimmingly in outer space, or would their muscle tissue shrink like those of human astronauts floating in zero gravity?

Japanese scientists had this question in mind when they sent groups of medaka fish into space to learn what happens to their hearts. What […]

Secret to former VP Cheney’s success fighting heart disease? Being a good patient

Dick Cheney has been vice president of the United States and Secretary of Defense. He’s been a member of Congress and CEO of a Fortune 500 company.
He wouldn’t have been able to do any of it if not for another role in which he’s excelled: patient.

From the first indication […]

San Francisco scientist wins AHA Research Achievement Award for ‘transcendent’ findings of blood clot controls leading to new therapy

The American Heart Association presented its Research Achievement Award for 2014 to Shaun R. Coughlin, M.D., Ph.D., of the University of California, San Francisco, “for transcendent discoveries of cellular signaling mechanisms that control blood platelet activation and clot formation, findings that have led to a new medical therapy for preventing […]

First researchers announced for groundbreaking CVGPS project

The first funded researchers in the groundbreaking Cardiovascular Genome-Phenome Study were announced during Scientific Sessions on Sunday, with projects exploring a wide range of important topics including cardiovascular aging and death in diverse populations, interactions between genes and diet in blood vessel problems, and genetic signatures of tobacco exposure.

The […]

American Heart Association volunteer Kenneth Bloch dies at 58

Longtime American Heart Association volunteer Kenneth Daniel Bloch, M.D., 58, died Saturday after a long illness. Bloch had served on the association’s national board of directors and as vice chairman of the committee that planned Scientific Sessions, the association’s largest annual science meeting.

“With the passing of Ken Bloch, the American […]