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For Hispanic and Latino smokers, quitting is about family and culture


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Beatrice smoked her first cigarette when she was 7 years old. By 13, she was a regular smoker.

The mother of two quit smoking in her late 30s, inspired by her sons.

“When my son was 11, he wrote me a letter and in it […]

Elderly heart attack survivors rarely picked up stop-smoking prescriptions


NEW ORLEANS — Elderly smokers who were discharged from the hospital after having a heart attack rarely filled prescriptions for medications that might help them quit smoking. That was despite being counseled about the need to quit during their hospital stay.

According to a preliminary study […]

Smoking a pack or more a day increases diabetes risks among blacks


NEW ORLEANS — Smoking 20 or more cigarettes a day increases the risk of diabetes among black people, according to a preliminary study presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2016.

Researchers studied nearly 3,000 black participants in the Jackson Heart study, who reported their […]

Smoking leaves historical ‘footprint’ in DNA


Smoking leaves its “footprint” in your DNA, according to research released Tuesday.

The new findings suggest that DNA methylation — a process by which cells control gene activity — could reveal a person’s smoking history and provide researchers with potential targets for new therapies.

“These results are […]

States expand Medicaid coverage for smoking cessation

Smokers trying to kick the habit in Georgia got a boost last November when their state became the latest to give Medicaid recipients access to tobacco cessation counseling and medications at little or no cost.

Nineteen states now cover both face-to-face counseling and all treatments approved by the U.S. Food […]

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AHA e-cigarette policy emphasizes caution when using devices to quit smoking

Electronic cigarettes might help some people quit smoking, but the American Heart Association recommends them only as a last resort and only with several notes of caution.

AHA President Elliott Antman, M.D., underscored the careful approach Tuesday, a day after the organization’s first policy statement on e-cigarettes drew widespread media […]

Research: E-cigarettes don’t help smokers quit

Despite marketing claims, there’s no proof that e-cigarettes help smokers kick the habit — and they may even hurt their efforts to stop, according to new research.

“The overall cessation argument that’s made to sell e-cigarettes is directly contradicted by the evidence,” said Stanton Glantz, professor of medicine at the […]

Top smoking cessation therapies don’t pose serious heart risks

Three types of smoking cessation therapies – nicotine replacement, an addiction drug and an antidepressant – don’t increase the risk of heart attack, stroke or heart-related death, and one appears to protect the heart, according to a new study.

Researchers analyzed side effects from 63 different research studies of 30,508 […]

FDA agrees menthol cigarettes are a risk, stops short of recommending ban urged by American Heart Association

The American Heart Association is among many organizations that have long supported the ban of menthol cigarettes. The Food & Drug Administration today agreed that menthol cigarettes likely are more dangerous than regular cigarettes – however, the government agency stopped short of recommending the product be banned.

“What more evidence do […]