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People with acute coronary syndrome at increased risk of suicide


People with acute coronary syndrome — a condition in which the heart’s blood supply is suddenly blocked —  have a higher risk of suicide, according to a study in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Researchers identified 41,050 people 35 years or older in the […]

Modest increases in high blood pressure linked to higher risk of death, heart failure among African-Americans


Even modest increases in high blood pressure raise the risk of death and heart failure among African-Americans, according to new research in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Analyzing 5,280 African-American patients enrolled in the Jackson Heart Study in 2000-11, researchers found:

Increases in systolic blood […]

Clinic readings may not detect ‘masked hypertension’


Around-the-clock monitoring during daily activities revealed undetected high blood pressure among otherwise healthy adults who had normal readings in the clinic, according to new research.

“Masked hypertension” is normal blood pressure in the doctor’s office, but high readings outside of the office — the reverse of “white […]

Experts criticize new study about salt consumption


A new study suggests reducing excessive salt benefits some people with high blood pressure, but low-sodium diets don’t help people with lower risks for heart disease, stroke or death – findings that were quickly criticized by medical experts as unreliable due to faulty scientific methods.

Previous […]

Artificial sweeteners may increase blood sugar

A recent scientific study says people should reconsider their heavy use of artificial sweeteners, which may actually increase blood sugar by altering natural gut bacteria.

The study, published in the science journal Nature, was conducted largely on mice and included an experiment on seven people who did not normally consume […]

AHA says better network access standards needed for health plans

A new study released today by the American Heart Association on the inclusion of cardiovascular and stroke providers by exchange health plans reveals that access to specialty physicians and facilities can vary widely based on a consumer’s plan and location.

The association commissioned the study, conducted by Avalere Health, to […]

Attempts to change standards for school foods stalled

Attempts to change standards that make school foods healthier stalled out this summer in both chambers of Congress leaving the current guidelines in place as the school year begins.

While the House Appropriations Committee approved language in their version of the agriculture spending bill that would allow schools to opt […]

Choosing foods that meet Heart-Check certification requirements linked to better diet quality, study finds

People who report eating foods that meet the American Heart Association’s Heart-Check Food Certification Program nutrition requirements are more likely to eat healthier and have fewer heart disease risk factors, according to a recent study.

The study, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in March, evaluated survey data […]

Study links some heart birth defects to increased heart infection risk

A new American Heart Association study published Monday has found that children under age three who have had certain heart birth defects or heart surgery in the past six months may have an increased risk of heart infection.

Canadian researchers looked at data on 47,518 children with heart defects between 1988 […]

Study questions use of BMI as health measure

A new study questions the use of body mass index (BMI) to predict the effect of obesity on health, saying it ignores important health factors such as how fat is distributed, the ratio of muscle to fat and differences in body composition. The authors call for more accurate and […]