New guidance issued for treating cardiac arrest in children with heart disease

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Saving a child with heart disease whose heart has stopped requires a different approach than reviving a child with a healthy heart, according to a new scientific statement from the American Heart Association. Cardiac arrest in the hospital is 10 times more common among children […]

Florida man survives cardiac arrest thanks to quick action of lifeguards

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS For J.R. Bourne, a day at the beach rekindles good and bad memories. It’s the place where the Jacksonville Beach, Florida, resident died and was brought back to life thanks to fast-thinking first responders and an automated external defibrillator. Back in June 2015, then-40-year-old Bourne […]

CPR training now offering augmented reality technology

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS  Augmented reality is transforming various aspects of medicine, and now it’s going to help train people to save lives using CPR. Augmented reality – a technology that creates views of computer-generated images in real-life environments – already includes medical uses such as training for minimally […]

Bystander use of defibrillators can dramatically boost survival of cardiac arrest patients

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS A person who suffers a cardiac arrest in public has more than twice the chance of surviving if a bystander steps in to restart the heart with an automated external defibrillator before an emergency crew arrives at the scene, a new study has found. Heidi […]

Cardiac arrest stopped this half marathon runner mid-stride

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Lea en español Melissa Ziebell was approaching the final mile of the 2015 Paris Half Marathon, her third ever, on track to break her personal best time of 1:45. Then her legs seemed to seize up and stop working. “I realized I was going to […]

Women are less likely to get CPR from bystanders

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Bystanders are less likely to give women CPR, according to a recent review of data compiled from clinics that study cardiac arrest and trauma. According to data compiled by the Resuscitation Outcomes Consortium, a network of regional clinical centers in the United States and Canada, 45 […]

AHA president’s heart stopped for several minutes. He’s now back at work, ready to share his story.

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS DALLAS – American Heart Association president John Warner went into cardiac arrest during the heart attack he suffered last month, his heart stopping for several minutes until an impromptu team of rescuers brought him back to life. Warner’s heart attack made headlines, but the details […]

Young diabetics could have seven times higher risk for sudden cardiac death

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Young diabetics could have seven times more risk of dying from sudden cardiac arrest than their peers who don’t have diabetes, according to new research. The study points to the importance of early and ongoing heart monitoring in children and young adults with both Type […]

Many U.S. Latinos aren’t familiar with lifesaving device

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Lea en español ANAHEIM, California — One in four U.S. Latinos have never heard of a portable device available in many public places that can help save someone whose heart has stopped, new research shows. That’s compared to 4 percent of whites who were unfamiliar […]

Sixth-grader’s science project grows into adult-sized study showing kids can do CPR, too

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS ANAHEIM, California – At first, Eashan Biswas was just looking for a way to use a video game in his sixth-grade science project. But now, the aspiring doctor’s name is on a scientific study being presented on a national stage – and, more importantly, he’s […]

911 operators should provide CPR instructions, guidelines say

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Emergency dispatchers should be taught how to give compression-only CPR instructions over the phone, according to updated CPR guidelines for adults and children issued Tuesday by the American Heart Association. Such coaching is provided by only half of the nation’s 911 dispatchers, a 2015 study […]

Training CPR rescuers, one traveler at a time

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS After Indianapolis International Airport installed a Hands-Only CPR training kiosk in March 2016, Juan Muñoz, a police officer at the airport, made it a regular stop as he patrolled the terminals, trying it a couple times a week. The interactive program, which measures quality of […]

CPR in school laws take effect in eight new states this year

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS After Noah Weeda collapsed during soccer drills in April 2015 at his Grand Rapids, Mich., high school, best friend Tyler Menhart called 911 and used CPR skills he learned as a Boy Scout. In South Carolina, 18-year-old high school football player Ronald Rouse died in […]

Being fit helps man survive the deadliest of heart attacks

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS When John Harrity turned 40, he made a bucket list of 50 things he wanted to do by the time he turned 50. “It was really hard coming up with that many, so one of them I just wrote was to get my body fat […]

How virtual reality is changing cardiovascular care

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Lea en español Virtual reality has been a staple of science fiction ever since Stanley G. Weinbaum wrote about high-tech goggles in 1935’s Pygmalion’s Spectacles. Now that virtual reality has become actual reality, it’s slowly but surely revolutionizing the treatment of heart disease and stroke. […]

Right time, right place helps Michigan woman survive cardiac arrest

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Many things had to go right for Shelley Wyant to survive a cardiac arrest four years ago. First, she was lucky it didn’t happen 30 minutes earlier. That day in May 2013 was like any other at the health insurance company where she worked in […]

To save drowning victims, a push to get everyone on the same page

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide die every year from drowning. Yet efforts to figure out the best way to save them have been hindered by inconsistencies and confusion about how to report the details of these tragic occurrences and their eventual outcomes. Those much-needed […]

Americans unprepared for workplace cardiac emergencies

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Most U.S. employees are not prepared for cardiac emergencies at work, according to new surveys of employees and workplace safety managers. The surveys, commissioned by the American Heart Association and released Monday, revealed most workers don’t have access to CPR and first aid training, and […]

Star of ‘The Goldbergs’ spoofs Oscar mixup in CPR video

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Actress Wendi McLendon-Covey can add another role to her credits: Future life-saver. McLendon-Covey, the family matriarch in ABC’s hit comedy, “The Goldbergs,” stars in the new Hands-Only CPR training video from the American Heart Association that spoofs the mix up that occurred at the end […]

Study author: Conventional CPR education efforts should intensify for children

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Lea en español Education efforts to teach bystander CPR should intensify in minority communities, according to the lead author of a recent study that showed Hispanic and African-American children were less likely to get CPR with breaths, which had improved survival compared to compression-only CPR […]

After freak accident landed teen near death, entire family became CPR instructors

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Coleen Nilsen’s story is about as freaky as a story can get. An accident at work, in which a box with a bicycle inside fell on her abdomen, landed Coleen near death from cardiac arrest. Coleen, now 38, was 19 when she was working at […]


CPR through history

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Attempts to resuscitate patients have changed dramatically throughout history with each version developed in hope of saving lives. Today, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, also known by the acronym CPR, can double or triple a cardiac arrest victim’s chance of survival — if it is given immediately.

Birmingham woman finds new courage after being saved by CPR

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Brian Maxwell was nearing the finish line when he saw what he thought was a woman tripping and falling down. “I went over to help her up, but when I rolled her over she had that look of death on her,” he said. Luckily for […]

Elementary school’s first responder team saves teacher with CPR, AED

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS School nurse Allison Duffy used to grumble when her CPR recertification came due every two years. In 15 years of nursing, even while working in a hospital, she’d never had to use the lifesaving skill. That changed Nov. 2 of last year. Alisha Byerly, a […]

Nevada to require CPR training in schools

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Nevada recently became the 37th state to require CPR training for students. Gov. Brian Sandoval signed the bill in May. After the law takes effect with the 2017-2018 school year, all of the state’s high school graduates will know how to perform CPR. For public […]

One CPR class changed his entire life

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS When Manny Medina was 16, he didn’t know or care much about emergency cardiovascular care as he walked into a CPR class at his high school in Las Cruces, New Mexico. “But then I pulled out the (defibrillator) pads and all of a sudden I […]

Kansas man has new appreciation for EMS, bystander CPR after cardiac arrest

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS After 24 years as a paramedic, Joe Stellwagon doesn’t take successful resuscitation of a cardiac arrest patient for granted. “When things go right, and you see the eyes blinking, it’s just a great feeling,” said Stellwagon, a paramedic with Johnson County MED-ACT in Overland Park, […]

Quick CPR saves runner, who finds his ‘angels’ using social media

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS The crowd cheered as Bill Amirault neared the finish line of the Key West Half Marathon in Florida. Suddenly, he felt faint and had tunnel vision, so he slowed to walk. Then he collapsed. Fellow runners and bystanders rushed to him. Luckily, the first three […]

Mom saves son with CPR after heart-stopping hit to chest

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS It all started out so normally. Jose Agredano, 16, had a soccer match on Feb. 16. In California, the San Benito High School team was playing Watsonville High, at Watsonville’s field. Jose’s parents, Jose Sr. and Gina, a family care doctor, were on the sidelines. […]

Runner crosses finish line 50 days after heart stops during race

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Bill Hughes and his daughter Bethany Gordon had just made the turn for the halfway point in last April’s Monument 10K in Richmond, Virginia, when Hughes grabbed his daughter’s arm. “Oh my gosh!” he cried, before collapsing. Gordon flipped her father over with the help […]

Many Americans afraid to perform CPR

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Lea en español Only half of Americans can be counted on to perform CPR in an emergency, a new survey finds. Even more – 61 percent – worry they could unintentionally injure the victim. It’s a concern highest among minorities: 70 percent of African-Americans, 67 […]

Man saves co-worker after watching Hands-Only CPR video

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Lea en español A daily ritual of reading the newspaper helped a New York City man learn a skill that he would later use when saving his co-worker’s life. On the subway on his way to work, David Martinez, 55, peruses The Washington Post on […]

Her father almost died after his heart stopped beating

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Danielle Gregoire was 13 when she almost lost her dad after his heart stopped beating for two minutes on the floor of a local Dallas area YMCA. John Gregoire, then 44 and by all appearances in good health, was lifting free weights when he dropped […]

South Dakota becomes 36th state to require CPR training to graduate

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS CPR training will now be a requirement to graduate high school in South Dakota under legislation signed into law Friday. South Dakota is now one of 36 states and Washington, D.C., that require high school students to be taught CPR based on American Heart Association guidelines. […]

Police officer honored in Dubai for saving a life

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS A CPR-trained Dubai police officer is being recognized in the United Arab Emirates — the country’s first recipient of an award for rescuers who have used American Heart Association training to save or sustain a life. Corporal Mohammed Naji Ali Dabos, who helped save a […]

Wisconsin man’s heart stops on softball field

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Tom Hesse was coming in from right field last September when everything went black and he collapsed on the softball diamond near first base. Luckily, fellow ballplayers in the senior league leapt into action and began Hands-Only CPR that helped save Hesse’s life. Retired EMT […]

CPR-trained pair saves runner whose heart stopped beating on wooded trail

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Longtime buddies Tom Devlin and Phil Oaks had run half-marathons together, so a relatively short 3-mile jaunt on a scenic, wooded trail along the Columbia River should’ve been a piece of cake. Surprisingly, though, Devlin started feeling uncomfortable less than a mile into their run on the […]

New Michigan law requires CPR training to graduate high school

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Lawmakers in Michigan hope the odds of surviving a cardiac arrest improve in the state, where high schoolers will soon be required to take CPR training before graduating. “We’re hoping this will help increase survival rates across all Michigan communities and beyond,” said pediatric cardiologist […]

Young mother’s heart stops during school holiday party

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Dec. 17, 2015, began as a festive day. Lauri Evans hosted a Christmas party at Oakwell Academy, an elementary school she co-founded in College Station, Texas, on the last day before the holiday break. After escorting a student out of the building to leave early, […]

50 years of giving back

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Shortly after joining the American Heart Association, Cliff Lura started helping train communities in CPR. The importance of that training was illustrated for Lura very personally over the years as paramedics used CPR to save his favorite uncle’s life, not once but twice. “We were […]

Saved with CPR, paralyzed airman keeps faith

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Lea en español Ignacio Montoya and his father, also named Ignacio, won the visa lottery to legally get out of Cuba in 1997, when Montoya was 6. His mother, Carmen, had died two years earlier from leukemia. After his wife’s death, Montoya’s father had no […]

Trauma, resuscitation research needs change

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS NEW ORLEANS — Much of the current trials in resuscitation and trauma care are based on observation rather than randomized controlled trials. That needs to change, according to the winners of the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Awards in Resuscitation Science. “We have dozens of interventions on […]

Hospital staff trains in CPR

Frequent simulation-based training may improve CPR proficiency among hospital staff

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS NEW ORLEANS — A new training model improved CPR skills in a clinical setting, according to research presented during the Resuscitation Science Symposium at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2016. Currently, hospital staff are only required to undergo formal CPR training every two years. […]

Bystander CPR

Hands-only CPR boosts bystander resuscitation in Sweden

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS NEW ORLEANS – Since guidelines have endorsed the use of compression-only or Hands-Only CPR by people not trained or unwilling to provide rescue breaths during resuscitation attempts, Swedish bystanders are trying to help at a far greater rate. Using a national registry in Sweden of […]

Older woman trains in CPR

CPR skills low among older adults

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS NEW ORLEANS — CPR increases the chance of survival after sudden cardiac arrest, yet knowledge of this lifesaving procedure is low in many communities, especially among older adults, according to studies presented during the Resuscitation Science Symposium at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2016. In […]

Tobacco is OUT! A third of all Major League Baseball stadiums to be free of tobacco

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS With the end of this baseball season, so ended the long intertwined history of tobacco and baseball at more than one-third of all Major League stadiums. The unhealthy coupling started unraveling when it became evident that chewing tobacco resulted in deadly consequences for some players, […]

Motivational speaker suffers cardiac arrest, turns ‘power of one’ message into ‘power of many’

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Stephen Sroka, Ph.D., was addressing public school staffers about the growing heroin addiction problem in Ohio when he remarked, “I feel tired.” A well-known motivational speaker, Sroka had been talking about difficulties in his own life growing up in poverty. He sometimes uses a dash […]

American Heart Association to offer CPR, AED training in China

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS More people in China will soon be able to learn to give CPR, use an automated external defibrillator and deliver first aid by taking American Heart Association training. The Chinese public will be able to learn the life-saving skills through the AHA’s first international training center in […]

D.C. requires CPR training for high school graduates

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Nearly 3,000 students graduating each year from Washington, D.C., public and charter schools will now be trained in Hands-Only CPR. The law was enacted last Saturday following completion of the 30-day Congressional review period. In D.C., legislation approved by the city council and mayor goes […]

Automatic External Defibrillator

States should require cardiac emergency response plans in elementary through high schools

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Comprehensive cardiac emergency response plans can help schools save more lives, and should be required by state law, according to an American Heart Association policy published in the September issue of School Nurse. Intended for elementary through high school personnel, healthcare professionals, boards of education […]

Party plans interrupted by cardiac arrest

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Judy Strnad was preparing to host friends at a Super Bowl party when she “decided to die on the couch.” That’s according to her wife, Pat Mikos, who was in the kitchen when she heard a sound from the other room. “I called to Judy […]

California to provide CPR training for most students

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Over the weekend, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill that will require CPR training for a majority of the state’s high school students. Although the California law falls short of the American Heart Association’s efforts to get states to provide CPR training to all […]

911 on a phone screen

AHA develops standards to improve 911 dispatcher-assisted CPR

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Public feedback is being sought for draft standards set by the American Heart Association to help 911 dispatchers walk callers through CPR during a suspected cardiac arrest. The organization will collect comments until Nov. 16 and use the input to encourage emergency communications and dispatch […]

Police sergeant’s heart stops after dialing 911

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Dean Oshiro has to rely on his family to fill in the blanks when it comes to what happened on Aug. 20, 2010. That’s when the Santa Monica, California, police sergeant survived a cardiac arrest caused by a heart attack. Dean had come home from […]

Resuscitation organizations join forces to up cardiac arrest survival

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS The American Heart Association, Resuscitation Academy Foundation of Seattle, Washington, and Laerdal Medical have joined forces to create the Resuscitation Academy Collaborative, a group leading U.S. efforts to improve cardiac arrest survival. The move is part of a larger global effort to improve worldwide cardiac […]

Mouth-to-snout CPR prepares people to save pets

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Animal lovers are finding there’s another way to pamper their pets: learn pet CPR. Researchers have translated human resuscitation guidelines and training for pet owners, preparing them to use CPR to save their furriest family members. Veterinarian Daniel J. Fletcher, Ph.D., D.V.M., led the development […]

Teen’s heart stops in New York City train station

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Three years before musician and actress Ilisa Juried appeared on The CW’s reality show Pussycat Dolls Present: Girlicious, her heart stopped in New York City’s Grand Central Station. The then-18-year-old was sightseeing with her mom when they saw a group of hip-hop dancers performing at […]

8-year-old revived after heart stops on playground

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Sofia Montoya had been practicing her favorite song for her elementary school’s talent show April 22. She sang Rachel Platten’s “Fight Song” over and over again with her mother, Shawna. But Sofia didn’t make it to the show. The bubbly, bright third-grader at Farallone View […]

NCAA reminding trainers, coaches to use cardiac arrest checklist

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Summer school classrooms are humming with activity on college campuses across the nation and soon, so will sports fields full of student athletes returning for training camps and practices. But before they do, the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s top medical chief is reminding head athletic […]

Dr. Joseph Hill takes over as editor-in-chief of scientific journal ‘Circulation’

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS  Dr. Joseph Hill says it’s both the best of times and the worst of times for him to assume the role of editor-in-chief of Circulation, the American Heart Association’s principal scientific journal. “There’s never been a more exciting time in cardiovascular medicine: The arsenal of tools we […]

Training, skills results in second save at Culinary Institute of America campus

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Bob Wilson was on his usual morning walk at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York, when he had trouble breathing and collapsed. His friend ran for help, which came immediately. A campus safety officer responded as a dispatcher called 911. Meanwhile, […]

Washington Women’s Board honored for lifesaving work

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Since 1947, the Women’s Board of the American Heart Association of Greater Washington Region has been fighting heart disease and stroke, often with the high-profile help of America’s first ladies. Rosalynn Carter helped teach kids CPR. Other first ladies – from Mamie Eisenhower to Laura […]

Airport CPR kiosks now offer lifesaving training across the country

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS More and more people are finding the opportunity to save lives at airports across the country. Travelers can now learn Hands-Only CPR in just a few minutes at five airport kiosks that provide quick lessons and practice using a video touch-screen and a CPR mannequin. […]

Actor, director of CPR video share personal connections to heart health

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS When taking on roles, actors often ask themselves, “What’s my motivation?” For those who made “Mama Knows Best,” the answer was simple: to save lives. In the new video from the American Heart Association, two siblings grapple with the suggestions of their lovingly overbearing mother. […]

Video helps heart failure patients choose end-of-life care

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS A picture may be worth even more than a thousand words. People with advanced heart failure who watched a short video depicting different levels of end-of-life care were more likely to choose comfort care over invasive care that could prolong their lives, according to new […]

New York’s class of 2016 is first to graduate with CPR skills

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Graduating seniors across New York State are the first student class to graduate with Hands-Only CPR skills as a result of legislation that went into effect this school year. “They started with ABC’s and finished with CPR. Three little letters can make all the difference. […]

Women less likely to receive procedures for cardiac arrest

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Women cardiac arrest patients are less likely than men to receive potentially lifesaving procedures to look for and open blocked coronary arteries, according to new research in Journal of the American Heart Association. Procedures such as angiography and angioplasty help boost cardiac arrest survival rates, […]

Mobile devices, social media may improve emergency heart, stroke care

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Mobile devices, social media, visual media and crowdsourcing have potential to improve emergency care for cardiac arrest, heart attack and stroke, according to a new scientific statement. The statement, published in the American Heart Association journal Circulation, is based on studies that evaluated the effectiveness of […]

Missouri high-schoolers to learn CPR before graduation

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Missouri has become the 34th state to add CPR training to its high school curriculum. Gov. Jay Nixon signed the bill Tuesday, shortly after Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed similar legislation. The Missouri bill’s sponsor, state Rep. Ron Hicks (R-St. Peters), was motivated to introduce […]

Ten percent of Alameda County in California trained in Hands-Only CPR

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS About 150,000 people in Alameda County in California have been trained in Hands-Only CPR through kits provided to 7th graders during the last six years, as bystander CPR rates and patient outcomes have improved. Now, the California State Senate is considering whether all students in […]

Ohio becomes 33rd state to offer CPR training for students

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Coming in at No. 33, Ohio is the newest state to add CPR training to the curriculum for high school students. The bill was signed Tuesday by Gov. John Kasich. “House Bill 113 is bipartisan, common sense legislation that will have an immediate impact for all […]

CPR trainer saved by CPR at American Heart Association office

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS A woman suffered a cardiac arrest while attending a meeting about CPR training at an American Heart Association office, where she was revived thanks to CPR and quick-acting emergency responders. The Kentucky woman had traveled to the emergency cardiovascular care volunteer meeting in Charleston, West Virginia, on […]

12-year-old learns CPR during 911 call to save mom

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Lying on the floor unconscious, choking from food blocking her airway, Kimberly Glen’s life depended on her 12-year-old daughter Kinsey and the woman giving instructions over the phone. The story has a happy ending, but it underscores the importance of CPR and the need to […]

Cardiologist helps save boy who collapsed on basketball court

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS For years, New Hampshire cardiologist Jon Wahrenberger has pushed for two guidelines that would help save lives in an emergency: teaching CPR in schools and equipping public facilities with AEDs, a machine to shock a stopped heart back into action. Then he took his son […]

Aerin Thomas, with her dad Joe, sister Amelia and mom Angela, received the American Heart Association’s Heart Hero Saver Award in May

Texas middle-schooler saves dad with CPR

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS During a cardiac arrest, every second matters. Luckily, 12-year-old Aerin Thomas didn’t have to whip out her phone to check what to do when her dad’s heart stopped. She’d already been trained. Aerin and her mom, Angela, were at a grocery store when they got a call […]

E.J. Galloway graduation photo

Cardiac arrest survivor to play college hoops

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS E.J. Galloway had just come off the court during a summer league basketball game when he suddenly collapsed. The seemingly healthy 16-year-old was in cardiac arrest. His coach, Willie Swinney, knew exactly what to do. He started CPR. A parent from the opposing team, John […]

Arizona City Hall

Arizona is 32nd state to offer CPR training in schools

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Arizona is the latest state to add CPR training to the curriculum for high school students, making it the 32nd in the country. Legislation signed Thursday by Gov. Doug Ducey offers high school students at least one CPR training session, with hands-on practice. It can be taught at […]

Choctaw princess finishes final leg a year after her heart stopped during half marathon

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Those who know Mandy Steele say the things they love most about her are her humble manner and big heart. It was Mandy’s truly big heart – the one with thickened walls due to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy – that would lead her to a death-defying experience […]

Wisconsin requires CPR training for students

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Wisconsin became the latest state in the country to require CPR training in its schools under legislation signed into law this week. The measure was inspired by the heroic actions of several teenagers who came to the rescue of a man who had suffered a […]

South Carolina State House

South Carolina to require students to learn CPR

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Next fall, all South Carolina students attending public school will be required to learn CPR before they graduate from high school. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley signed legislation this week requiring hands-on cardiopulmonary resuscitation be incorporated in the high school health education curriculum. With the […]

Kentucky becomes 29th state to require CPR training for students

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS A new law that requires Kentucky students to learn CPR before high school graduation will take effect this summer with implementation during the 2016-2017 school year. Kentucky is the 29th state to require the training for students. The legislation, signed by the state’s governor on Saturday, requires […]

Three states have bills before governors requiring students learn CPR

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Kentucky, South Carolina and Wisconsin all have bills before their governors requiring students  learn CPR before graduation. Kentucky passed Senate Bill 33 on Monday that would require high school students to be taught CPR based on American Heart Association guidelines. Understanding and learning the proper psychomotor […]

Nurse-in-training’s use of CPR saves his father’s life

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Ben Bersick learned CPR as a Boy Scout and trained on it plenty while in nursing school. But the first time he actually had to use it was on his father, Michael Bersick. The family had gathered in Salt Lake City last November for an […]

Lifesavers in School infographic (includes New Mexico)

New Mexico to require CPR training with 2017-2018 freshman class

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Text version of interactive map A new law that requires New Mexico students to learn CPR before high school graduation will take effect with students entering ninth grade in the 2017-2018 school year. SB 1 and HB 104 became law on March 2 requiring CPR […]

Hands-Only CPR training kiosk debuts at Indianapolis International Airport

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Last April, Matt Lickenbrock, a University of Dayton student, saved the life of  fellow student Sean Ferguson using Hands-Only CPR, a lifesaving technique that he learned from an instructional airport kiosk. This week, Lickenbrock showed Ferguson how to train in Hands-Only CPR at a new kiosk at Indianapolis […]

Woman practing Hands-Only CPR on dummy

New Mexico becomes 28th state to require CPR in Schools

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS New Mexico teen Jonathan Madrid was biking with his friends in August when he fell and hit his head. His friends didn’t know what to do about his injuries and let him sleep it off. Madrid passed away later that night. He was 18. Since […]

Cathie Lazarus (center) with the paramedics and hospital staff who helped save her

Trip to the gym ends in cardiac arrest for California woman

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Cathie Lazarus likes to tell people she has two birthdays now. The one when she was born, and the other when bystanders performed CPR after her heart stopped on March 11, 2013. Lazarus, who lives in Sherman Oaks, California, doesn’t remember much about the day […]

Amber Waller Karasawa with husband Tim Karasawa

Actress learns of heart problem after collapsing on soccer field

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS A few summers ago, Amber Waller Karasawa went into cardiac arrest while playing in a co-ed soccer game. Thinking she was having a seizure, the other players stood back. But a teammate with military training knew what to do and quickly started CPR. Two other […]

You’re the Cure advocates to help make lives healthier

BY AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS You’re the Cure – the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association’s grassroots network – is recruiting volunteers to help fight heart disease and stroke, the nation’s No. 1 and No. 5 killers. For more than 30 years, You’re the Cure has advocated for legislative policies that […]

CPR with rescue breaths as good as, possibly better than, compression-only CPR

BY AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Editor’s note: This is one in a 10-part series of the top medical research advances as determined by American Heart Association volunteer and staff leaders. In the largest study of its kind to date, researchers reported that cardiac arrest victims fare better when first responders […]

DeMarco Family

Texas teen uses babysitter CPR training to save her dad

BY AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Michael DeMarco and his wife were probably in the best shape of their adult lives. They were slimming down, eating a paleo diet and doing cross-fit training. So when Michael felt weird while riding his stationary bike at home one morning, he called to his […]

AHA staffer uses CPR training to help save Ohio man

BY AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS When Sonya Vezmar heard the shout – “Call 911!” – she immediately jumped into action. Vezmar, who teaches CPR for the American Heart Association, heard the yelling while celebrating a friend’s birthday party at a Cleveland bowling alley on Halloween night. She quickly ran over […]

CPR training at work helps Oklahoma woman save husband

BY AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Vicky Conley always grumbled whenever her work-required CPR training session came around. But it may be what saved her husband’s life. Conley and her husband, Andy, were visiting a flea market in Oklahoma City in late August when Andy said he felt dizzy. Initially, Conley […]

Students learning CPR at Scientific Sessions 2015

Apopka students learn Hands-Only CPR at Scientific Sessions

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Students from Apopka, Florida, attended Scientific Sessions on Monday and were trained in what to do in case of cardiac arrest. One of the Apopka High School students, Julian Miller, had lost his grandfather to a heart attack when he was 4-years-old. “I am happy […]

Photo of Jennifer Zanganeh and her daughter

AHA employee helps save a life with CPR

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Jennifer Zanganeh was busy shepherding young roller-skaters at her daughter’s 10th birthday party recently in Southern California when she heard her friend scream a troubling question: “He’s not breathing?” That was when she saw the young boy, lying on the roller-rink floor, unresponsive with blood […]

Mobile phones should be used to speed help to cardiac arrest victims, guidelines say

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Cities nationwide should consider using mobile phones and apps to connect people in cardiac arrest with nearby CPR-trained rescuers, say new guidelines from the American Heart Association. The guidelines, published Thursday in Circulation, claim that such community programs could increase bystander CPR, which, depending on […]

Cardiac arrest follows years of misdiagnoses

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Rose Blackwood had spent the afternoon judging middle school and high school science projects and was bidding a colleague goodbye when she had an overwhelming feeling of dizziness. The next thing she remembers was waking up a day later in the hospital as a nurse […]

Team Mexico performing CPR in action

CPR Throwdown: A fun, intense way for professional lifesavers to sharpen their skills

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Here’s what happened: You ran into Michael Jordan, the pride of North Carolina, at a casino. Now he is in cardiac arrest. You have four minutes to save him. Can you do it? In 3, 2, 1 … CPR! *** That was the situation given to […]

CPR program expected to train 1 million students

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS More than 330,000 middle school students in low-income areas learned CPR during the last school year through a nationwide American Heart Association program supported by Ross Dress for Less. One middle school near each of the more than 1,100 Ross Dress for Less stores received […]

There’s a new world record for CPR

By AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION NEWS Hundreds of New Yorkers learned Hands-Only CPR on Thursday in Times Square, as they witnessed the world’s largest CPR relay. It took 250 celebrities, politicians and others about five hours to set a Guinness World Record for most people in a CPR relay. The relay lasted […]