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Program helped Arkansas teen recognize her heart problem, overhaul family’s lifestyle


Lauren Bradley figured the American Heart Association’s Sweetheart program would look good on her college applications.

But participating in the program that teaches 10th-grade girls about heart health and provides volunteer opportunities at local hospitals did more than help her earn a scholarship — it made […]

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Seizures in a grocery store parking lot reveal man’s irregular heartbeat


For the Reese family, it had started out as a typical Saturday on March 21, 2015. Curtis Reese managed sons Garner, then 6, and Evan, then 4, while his wife Melanie attended a family baby shower.

He shuttled the kids around, picking up the equipment for […]

Birth of grandchild spurs heart disease survivor to get fit


A cardiac arrest nearly killed Anali Diaz, but it was the news that she was going to become a grandmother that spurred her to get serious about her health.

For years, Diaz, who lives in Clearwater, Florida, constantly felt exhausted, but figured that was just part […]

Young survivor conquers fears, goes from shut-in to national spokesperson


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Amanda Gonzalez was a senior in high school when she found out she had heart disease. She chokes up recalling the surgeries she needed and the things she missed out on in college. Looking back, Gonzalez said she is lucky to be alive.

The […]

Aumack-Bandy felt she was being sent home to die, but resources helped her learn how to live


When a doctor she’d never met walked into Cathy Aumack-Bandy’s hospital room and told her husband that she had severe heart failure and should get her affairs in order, she initially thought he was in the wrong room.

After realizing the diagnosis was hers, the former […]

STORIES FROM THE HEART: Philanthropists’ devotion straight from the heart, his and hers

Jane Golub is one active 75-year-old. She walks stairs, plays golf and follows her gym workout routine.

So last winter, when Jane arrived at the top of the 47 stairs at the Rensselaer, New York, train station struggling to breathe, it gave her husband, Neil, pause for concern.

“I first became […]

AHA and NASCAR on track for a cause

Corporate sponsorships have long been synonymous with NASCAR. But increasingly, nonprofit causes are also finding a place.

An agreement among NASCAR, driver Michael Waltrip, whose mother’s untreated atrial fibrillation led to a debilitating stroke, and sponsor Janssen Pharmaceuticals is one of the latest example of how sports events are becoming […]

Restricting calories may improve sleep apnea, blood pressure in obese people

Restricting calories may improve obstructive sleep apnea and reduce high blood pressure in obese adults, according to a study presented at the American Heart Association’s High Blood Pressure Research Scientific Sessions 2014.

People with sleep apnea may experience pauses in breathing five to 30 times per hour or more while […]

Mothers stroke hardest hit for Nascar driver Michael Waltrip

NASCAR driver Michael Waltrip says the hardest hit he ever took was when his sister called to tell him their mother had suffered a major stroke.

His mother, Margaret Waltrip, was 62 at the time and had lived with atrial fibrillation, called AFib, a quivering or irregular heartbeat, for many […]

STORIES FROM THE HEART: Longtime Boy Scout leader no longer taking chances with his health

Jose Lepervanche knew he was at risk of a cardiac event. He even tried to prevent it.

He just wasn’t able to keep trying.

Not even after the first time his heart faltered.

Jose’s heart journey began in the early 1990s, while living in his native Venezuela. After experiencing some chest pain, […]