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Athletes with defibrillators: Play ball!


Athletes with implantable cardioverter defibrillators may play competitive sports, according to four-year research that confirms an earlier short-term study.

An ICD is a battery-powered device placed under the skin that tracks the heart rate and delivers an electric shock when it detects an abnormal heart rhythm […]

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NCAA reminding trainers, coaches to use cardiac arrest checklist


Summer school classrooms are humming with activity on college campuses across the nation and soon, so will sports fields full of student athletes returning for training camps and practices.

But before they do, the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s top medical chief is reminding head athletic trainers […]

SimpleScience@Heart: Playing college football linked with high blood pressure risk

College football players may need to play more defense – against high blood pressure.

A small study in the American Heart Association journal Circulation found that more than half of the first-year football players at a university developed elevated blood pressure by season’s end.

Researchers noted that the link doesn’t mean […]

Summer Olympics-Inspired Office Activities

Finally! The Summer Olympics are back! I love this time of year… er… every four years! This year I’m extra enthusiastic about them since I watched a significant amount of the Olympic Trials. I feel so emotionally connected with these athletes. The announcers tell their stories, you hear about […]