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How far apart do the houses have to be to burn off that fun-size Snickers?


The first house gives out a fun-size Snickers bar, a delicious little treat. You eat it in an instant, then walk to the next house, one mile away.

Chances are your Halloween is calorie-neutral — so far. But the night is young.

That’s the challenge of America’s favorite […]

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Menu labeling off the table … for now


Chain restaurants and retail food sellers will have another year to implement the Food and Drug Administration’s menu labeling requirements, after the agency extended its compliance deadline to May 7, 2018.

The rule, previously scheduled to take effect Friday, was created under the Affordable Care Act. […]

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Panera Bread first to post added sugars for self-serve drinks


Panera Bread on Wednesday will start labeling the amount of added sugars and calories in beverages. It is the first national restaurant chain to post nutritional information at self-serve beverage stations.

Most Americans want to cut sugar in their diet but aren’t sure how, according to […]

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When you eat and how frequently may benefit heart health


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What times someone eats during the day and how frequently may play a role in having a healthy weight and heart.

According to an American Heart Association scientific statement published Wednesday, eating breakfast, avoiding late-night eating and mindful meal-planning are associated with a lower […]

Beware of too many Halloween treats for children

It’s a trick-or-treat tradition: counting up all the pieces of sugary loot, paying the “parent tax” and negotiating trades.

Then there’s another dilemma. Just how many pieces do you get before the precious bag of candy is confiscated?

Is it better to restrict consumption to a few pieces or go whole […]

Big changes in store for food labels

The Food and Drug Administration for the first time in two decades proposed sweeping changes to the nutrition labels on packaged foods at a White House announcement on Thursday.

The proposals would require food manufacturers to list added sugars, nutrition counts for more-realistic portion sizes and total nutrition information for multiple […]

Food companies cut 6.4 trillion calories from products sold

The impact of 6.4 trillion fewer calories on the nation’s waistline is not insignificant.

A calorie reduction of that size was reported last year by a group of 16 top food and beverage companies, compared to sales in 2007, according to analysis from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, a non-profit devoted […]

Simple Science @Heart: Frequent fast-food eaters in Asia more likely to die of heart disease

A lot of hamburgers, pizza, fried chicken and other American-style fast foods dramatically increased the likelihood of death from heart disease among Southeast Asians.

New research among Chinese-Singaporeans found that those who ate fast food twice a week were 56 percent more likely to die of heart disease and also […]

Weighing in on the Weight of the Nation

Twenty years ago, a cheeseburger was 257 calories. Today, it’s 590.

Yes, 590.

Try this one on for size: Twenty minutes of jogging burns off about one chocolate chip cookie.

We have a problem. Although for most, it’s no surprise.

I watched part one and part two of HBO’s new documentary, Weight of the […]