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Had a heart attack? Healthy living could help prevent another one


Off the Charts is a series featuring expert answers to questions about heart and brain health. This week we explore healthy living after a heart attack, and how to avoid a repeat.

Q: I had my third “widowmaker” heart attack. … I’ve had an active […]

Knowing heart attack symptoms postpartum


The terrifying chest pains and tightness started two weeks after Bronwyn Pullin had her baby boy.

“I brushed it off as anxiety about a new baby and all the changes that come with it,” said Pullin. “I would try laying down, moving around or eating. The […]

High pain tolerance may mask heart attack symptoms


While chest pain may be the hallmark symptom of heart disease, doctors should tune in to the possibility of heart disease even without it. That’s because heart attacks may go unrecognized in people with high pain tolerance, according to new research in the Journal of the […]

STORIES FROM THE HEART: 4 heart attacks, 5-way bypass, 35 stents – and that’s only part of this survivor’s story

Justin Faloon has had four heart attacks.

He’s endured a quintuple bypass.

He’s received an extraordinarily high number of stents – 35.

Yet perhaps the best part of his story doesn’t involve the care he’s received. It’s about the lives he’s saved.
Justin’s tale dates to the first day of June in 1999, when […]

STORIES FROM THE HEART: ‘Broken heart syndrome’ is real, as this librarian learned the hard way

The chest pains began during a board meeting for the public library Cheryl Lawson oversaw.

Indigestion, she thought. She walked around a bit, trying to ignore it, until a reminder came in the form of a slamming pain that shot up her chest and into her neck.

Cheryl stayed in the […]

STORIES FROM THE HEART: Social worker worried about her health, not her healthcare coverage

Elise Beaulieu was a little annoyed as she left work following a conversation with a co-worker. She felt a little tired and a little strange, and her neck felt oddly tight.

As she walked a quarter-mile to her car in the parking garage, she debated going to the hospital to […]

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Go Red For Women, Variety honor Elizabeth Banks

Emmy-nominated actress Elizabeth Banks, who directs and stars in the Go Red For Women short film “Just a Little Heart Attack,” is being honored at the Variety Power of Women Awards today in Beverly Hills.  The annual luncheon honors philanthropic women for their humanitarian efforts that have made a significant difference in their chosen causes.

“Just […]