American Heart Association

Fainting spells may increase risk of workplace accidents, job loss


People who have fainting spells are more likely to have accidents at work and lose their jobs, new data suggest.

In a Danish study, people with recurrent fainting, also known as syncope, had a 1.4-fold increased risk of occupational accidents and a two-fold higher risk of loss of employment: […]

First fainting guidelines issued to diagnose life-threatening heart conditions


Fainting could be a sign of a serious heart problem and should be evaluated by a doctor, say new guidelines from three leading heart organizations.

The guidelines, issued Thursday by the American College of Cardiology, American Heart Association and Heart Rhythm Society, are the first such […]

Patients should talk to doctors before changing dosage on anti-clotting drug

A recent report questions whether more could be done to prevent side-effects and improve effectiveness of the anti-clotting drug dabigatran, but medical experts urge people to continue taking the medication as prescribed unless their physician says otherwise.

The drug, sold under the brand name Pradaxa, is one of a relatively […]

Questions raised about managing dabigatran’s risks

Q. What did the British Medical Journal article say about dabigatran/Pradaxa and its manufacturer?

The journal released a report questioning whether drugmaker Boehringer-Ingelheim fully disclosed all it knew about how doctors could possibly lower the risk of bleeding side effects of Pradaxa by measuring blood levels or the anti-clotting effects […]