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Cutting through the saturated fat – meats, butter and tropical oils still need limits


Saturated fats found in butter, fatty meats and tropical oils raise LDL, or “bad” cholesterol, which contributes to heart disease, and they should be replaced with healthier options.

It seems a simple statement. But reaction to it – and the American Heart Association advisory issued last […]

Eating healthier fats could reduce heart disease deaths worldwide


Eating healthier fats could save more than a million people internationally from dying from heart disease, and the types of diet changes needed differ greatly between countries, according to new research in Journal of the American Heart Association.

“Worldwide, policymakers are focused on reducing saturated […]

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Lifestyle studies underscore power of healthy habits


Editor’s note: This is one in a 10-part series of the top medical research advances as determined by American Heart Association volunteer and staff leaders.

Results from four groundbreaking studies examining the impact of lifestyle modifications underscore the power of healthy habits and the importance of […]

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Trans fat and saturated fat consumption down, but not enough

Despite eating a third less trans fats and cutting down on saturated fat during the last 30 years, people are still consuming more than recommended, according to a new study.

Consumption of omega-3 fatty acid consumption also held steady, despite recommendations for higher intake.

Researchers reviewed data from more than 12,000 […]

Lowering blood pressure requires more than one ‘miracle’ food

Faster than a speeding blender. Able to lower blood pressure with a single smoothie. Look! Up in the farmers market. It’s kale. It’s beetroot. It’s superfood!

Not exactly.

The news has been filled recently with so-called, blood-pressure-lowering miracle foods, including: tomato sauce, tuna and tequila. Some of these foods have been shown […]

AHA experts reiterate importance of limiting saturated fats


Some studies say the saturated fats found in butter, fatty meats and other animal products have no effect on whether you get heart disease. Other studies say the science undeniably proves a connection between the two.

So, which should you believe? Nutrition experts with the American […]

Overall heart-healthy diet is more important than occasional indulgences

The fourth in a five-part series of articles that explain the new heart disease and stroke prevention guidelines.

Don’t sweat satisfying a sweet tooth every now and then.

New cardiovascular prevention guidelines from the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology reveal that sticking to an overall heart-healthy diet is […]