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Moving to a walking neighborhood is good for your blood pressure


People who moved from a neighborhood that required a vehicle to run errands to one where walking errands were convenient were significantly less likely to have high blood pressure than people who moved from one low-walkability neighborhood to another low-walkability neighborhood, according to research presented […]

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U.S. Surgeon General pushes for more walking


The U.S. Surgeon General issued a call to action Wednesday to promote walking, prescribing for the nation the “easiest and most affordable” way to incorporate physical activity into the lives of an increasingly sedentary nation.

Dr. Vivek Murthy pushed the walking campaign as a means to […]

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Support group, home exercise improves mobility for PAD patients


Group behavioral therapy that encouraged walking at home significantly improved and prevented mobility loss among patients with clogged arteries in the legs, according to research in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

Known as peripheral artery disease, clogged arteries in the legs can cause pain […]

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Cities nationwide evaluating if current streets are versatile for cyclists, walkers

As more drivers trade in their cars for bikes, cities nationwide are starting to re-evaluate if their current streets are versatile enough to suit not only the commuter, but also the cyclist.

Cycling is trending nationwide as both a sport and mode of transportation, according to the League of American […]

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Wearable activity trackers in the mainstream

Wearable fitness devices have moved into the mainstream helping people pick up the pace of their daily activities.

The devices are flooding the marketplace as the technology and sports industries create “wearable fitness coaches” for customers interested in tracking their activity levels, food intake, heart rates and sleep patterns.

Most of […]

World walker: Arizona walker has nearly covered the equivalent of a trip around the world

Stanley Bronstein clearly remembers the day when he couldn’t take it anymore. He had battled obesity his entire life, and on that winter day five years ago, at 320 pounds, he felt like he had hit the bottom.

“I had trouble bending over to tie my shoes. I was just […]

Four-time stroke survivor makes trek across the country for the fourth time

He’s at it again. Four-time stroke survivor Mycle Brandy, 63, has his walking shoes on and he is making his way from Portland, Oregon, to Portland, Maine.

This is Brandy’s fourth walk since beginning his treks around America to raise awareness about stroke. Along the way, he meets and greets […]

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Home-based walking program eases clogged leg arteries

A home-based walking program helped people with clogged leg arteries walk farther and faster, according to new research. The program was beneficial even 12 months after participants started it.

Supervised exercise can improve walking and lessen the symptoms of peripheral artery disease, but the benefits of a home-based walking program […]

Fitness lowers death rates for elderly men with high blood pressure

Physical fitness lowered the risk of death in elderly men with high blood pressure, even in the moderately fit, according to new research released Monday.

A brisk walk of 20 to 40 minutes most days of the week is enough for most elderly people to achieve a moderate fitness level, said […]

Picking up the pace after age 65 helps the heart

Maintaining or boosting physical activity after age 65 can improve the heart’s electrical well-being and lower heart attack risk, according to a new study.

People who walked more and faster and had more physically active leisure time had fewer irregular heart rhythms and greater heart rate variability than those who […]