1200-Feature-Top 10 2015-01
Research advances listed in order of publication on Heart.org


Study could alter approach to treating high blood pressure
A landmark study found that more aggressively treating high blood pressure saved lives.


Type 2 diabetes drug cuts risk of heart-related death
A new study with a modern diabetes drug is the first to reduce deaths from heart complications in people with Type 2 diabetes.


Stent retrievers revolutionize treatment for severe strokes
How the most disabling strokes are treated is undergoing the biggest transformation in decades.


New drugs slash bad cholesterol
A new class of cholesterol-lowering drugs are being called the most effective in a generation.


CPR with rescue breaths as good as, possibly better than, compression-only CPR
New research suggests cardiac arrest victims fare better when first responders and paramedics pause to give rescue breaths during CPR.


Less is more in ablation treatment for persistent AFib
New research shows it is not necessary to burn extra tissue in the heart when treating persistent atrial fibrillation.


Lifestyle studies underscore power of healthy habits
A group of lifestyle studies emphasize the importance of total health to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.


Overlooked genetic snippets may control cholesterol, fat levels in the blood
Researchers have identified several tiny snippets of genetic material that may affect cholesterol and fat levels in the blood, a discovery that could help prevent heart disease.


AFib patients don’t need ‘bridging’ before surgery
A practice-changing study finds that most patients with atrial fibrillation do not need “bridging” before surgery.


Dissolving heart stents show promise
Dissolving heart stents are beginning to pass clinical trial hurdles.